23 Jun 2010

Fiji's Rugby Union chairman remains in police custody

11:23 am on 23 June 2010

Fiji's Rugby Union chairman, Bill Gavoka, is still being held in police custody.

Bill Gavoka, who is also the former head of the Fiji Visitors Bureau, was seized by the regime on Sunday after he sent a religious email warning to tourist operators.

The warning, which has been widely circulated, is originally from a pastor in Nadi who is predicting that a major disaster will affect Fiji today.

Fiji police spokesman, Atunaisa Sokomuri, says Mr Gavoka is still being questioned.

"We've been investigating some people involved in this situation of a certain email in Fiji. We have interviewed a church pastor in regards to this matter and he was released and the second one, Mr Gavoka, he has also been interviewed by police and is still under police custody."

Fiji Police spokesman Atunaisa Sokomuri.