22 Jun 2010

American Samoan constitutional convention underway

8:03 pm on 22 June 2010

American Samoa's Governor has told delegates at the opening of a convention discussing constitutional issues affecting the territory, that foremost in their minds has to be protecting the Samoan way of life.

The American Samoa Constitutional Convention, the first to be held since 1986, is set to run for the next two weeks in Pago Pago.

It has attracted a wide range of delegates, including a large number of women.

Our correspondent, Monica Miller, says Governor Togiola Tulafono told the delegates to remember the emphasis that's always been placed on protecting the Samoan culture through the constitution.

"He said that it was still foremost in the minds of forefathers who draft the first constitution that things that are very important to the Samoan way of life, such as land, the culture and the way that the villages are led, should be well protected into the future."

Monica Miller in Pago Pago.