21 Jun 2010

Environment NGO in Samoa seeks US help for independent assessment report on hydropower-plant

3:35 pm on 21 June 2010

Samoa's independent environment organization, O le Siosiomaga society wants to organise an impact assessment report on a hydropower plant.

It has sought assistance from the United States Embassy after concerns raised by the village of Ta'elefaga Fagaloa on the north eastern coast of Upolu Island.

The village claims the environment has been damaged by the government power station.

The pulenuu or village mayor of Ta'elefaga, Tulima Sa Su'a, says there is an odour from the dam when the water is low.

He also says the noise from the plant affects people's hearing.

The village council and representatives of the Electric Power Corporation discussed the concerns two months ago, with leaders on that occasion gifted 4 thousand US dollars.