21 Jun 2010

Plans for coalition still alive in Nauru after another indecisive election

3:44 pm on 21 June 2010

Nauru's politicians are being called on to again consider forming a coalition.

This comes after the second election in eight weeks may have produced another political stalemate.

After a poll in April Parliament met 14 times but failed to elect a Government, prompting the latest election.

There is just one change in the 18 MPs - independent Milton Dube, who is being wooed by both sides.

If he sides with the Opposition the Parliament will again be plunged into a stalemate.

Both the Government of Marcus Stephen and Baron Waqa's Opposition have previously discussed a coalition, and Mr Waqa says it's an idea that is very much alive.

"It is important that we try and explore that and firm up all arrangements with what we can deal with the other group. And the other thing too is we have to push for a new leadership and I am sure that the new member would like to see that happen as well."

Baron Waqa

The parliament is due to sit Tuesday morning.