21 Jun 2010

Archaeologists to identify sites in American Samoa

10:59 am on 21 June 2010

A team of archaeologists is in American Samoa to identify and map historic sites in the mountains above Fagatogo, Utulei, and Fagaalu.

The project by the Archaeological Consultants of the Pacific was requested in a Fono resolution passed earlier this year, calling on the government to develop a heritage tourism trail system to promote tourism.

The resolution's sponsor, Representative Maugaoali'i Sipa Anoa'i, says that with the downturn of its economy, the territory has to tap into untouched areas to create new job opportunities.

He says the project's going forward quicker than anticipated.


These particular sites they're looking at now have not been previously looked at by archaeologists. But there are areas up on the mounts there are remnants of World War II bunkers and things of that nature that are up there, as well as reservoirs that were built in the 1800s by the US marine and navy.

Maugaoali'i Sipa Anoa'i says they're also hoping the team unearths pre-historic remnants.