17 Jun 2010

Broad changes mooted in American Samoa review

1:22 pm on 17 June 2010

The American Samoa Constitutional Review Committee and the constitutional Review Office have drawn up the complete list of proposed amendments to be debated at the 6th Constitutional Convention on Monday.

Among the key changes being proposed are two additional senators for Manu'a which would increase the number of senators to 20 and increase the legislative session days by a third to 60 days.

Other proposed changes are that the Secretary of the Interior's veto override power be removed, and for the end to his or her power to review, overturn or intervene in the appeal of a decision of the High Court.

People also advocate that the Governor should appoint the chief justice and associate justice with confirmation to be made by the Fono.

Another significant proposed amendment is the people's initiative which would allow voters to enact or repeal laws if a petition receives substantial support from voters.

And there are calls for the House to have the power to impeach a governor, lieutenant governor, chief justice, associate justices, and leaders of the legislature.