17 Jun 2010

Papuan representatives "handing back" special autonomy status

9:25 am on 17 June 2010

Two official Papuan representative bodies in Indonesia's Papua region have announced they're "handing back" Special Autonomy status to Jakarta.

The Papuan People's Assembly, MRP, and the Papuan Legislative Council, DPRP, say they intend to formally reurn the status to Jakarta, and will ask that the international community to withhold funding to Indonesia for Papuan Special Autonomy.

Together with the Papua Presidium Council, the West Papua National Authority and the Papua Consensus Team, the representatives will announce to Jakarta that they want a democratic space for the Papuan people to decide how they want to be governed.

Jakarta granted Papua region Special Autonomy status in 2001.

But most Papuans claim it's been poorly implemented and hasn't created improvement in the delivery of basic services and rights as promised.

Meanwhile, reports from Papua say that there is a build-up of military troops around the MRP offices in Papua's provincial capital Jayapura in response to the decision.