15 Jun 2010

Hopes Nauru electors will choose workable government in Saturday poll

9:17 am on 15 June 2010

The caretaker President of Nauru, Marcus Stephen, says he's stressing to the people the need for them to end the political deadlock that's shut down the country for the past two months.

Nauru goes to the polls on Saturday after Mr Stephen declared a state of emergency and called elections just eight weeks after the last vote.

This came because in 14 meetings since the April election the MPs, evenly split in the 18 member parliament, failed to achieve anything.

Mr Stephen says he'd hoped political reforms could be put in place before another poll to ensure no further impasse, but with that not happening, it is now up to the people.

"The people are now very much aware of the importance of having a majority in Parliament. So they have to make a decision, so we have put the test to them again, and we hope that with their wisdom they will vote accordingly so there is a majority for whichever government comes in place."