14 Jun 2010

American Samoa senator has misgivings about Guam employment plan

10:09 am on 14 June 2010

American Samoa's congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin admits he has some misgivings about plans to send American Samoans to Guam to work on the military buildup.

The congressman says he has concerns about possible forced labor conditions.

And he says the territory doesn't have enough skilled tradesmen as it is and he's worried the migration of local workers to Guam will result in a brain drain.

"We don't even have a central pool of carpenters, masons, people with skills in electricity and electronics and telecommunications. If they're going to be going off-island to find jobs, and here again, it's a reality we have to put up with, but they also need to understand that they just don't go there and be treated that'you don't have to put something in."

His comments come as the American Samoa Government is about to place two people in the Guam Labor Department to handle job applications.