11 Jun 2010

Nauruans fed up with lack of information about political machinations

10:07 am on 11 June 2010

A government official in Nauru says people are tired of not being told about what's going on in parliament.

The house sat on Thursday for the 14th time since the recent general elections, adjourning again until next Tuesday because of a lack of nominations for the position of Speaker.

A Speaker elected last week, Dominic Tabuna, resigned as soon as it became clear MPs weren't prepared to elect other office holders.

The acting director of human resources and labour in the chief secretary's office, Bernard Grunbler, says keeping the people informed is an integral part of the democratic process.

"The need to know what is going, they don't have to hear from second or third hand but they need to be much more aware because people want to get involved in these matters now because they know that this affects their life and any decision that affects people's lives need to be made known to the people instead of relying on people passing down messages second and third and fourth hand and so forth."

Bernard Grunbler says Nauruans want the caretaker government to show them more commitment.