10 Jun 2010

Political deadlock awakens Nauruans to need for change

6:30 pm on 10 June 2010

The acting director of human resources and labour in Nauru's chief secretary's office says people have realised some sort of change is needed to stop future parliaments ending up in deadlock.

The house sat this morning for the 14th time since the recent general elections, adjourning again until next Tuesday because of a lack of nominations for the position of Speaker.

A Speaker elected last week, Dominic Tabuna, resigned as soon as it became clear MPs weren't prepared to elect other office holders.

Bernard Grunbler says people have learned their lesson from the deadlock.

"When it goes back to the polls I think people realise then that they have to make a definite stance at this time because we've already given the same parliamentarians the vote in, so now I think the realisation has sunk in that we need to make changes. Whether it's changes for a new party to come in or whether it's going to be changes for the same government to come in or whether it's going to be changes for a mixture of these current parliamentarians."

Bernard Grunbler says what people want to see most of all is their parliamentarians working together.