9 Jun 2010

Calls for Pacific in NZ to break away from party lines for Super City elections

9:22 am on 9 June 2010

The outgoing chair of the Pacific advisory committee to the

Auckland City Council is urging people to break away from party lines for the October Super City elections.

The former chair of the Pacific Islands Board Auckland City, Bruce McCarthy, says Pacific groups need to organise themselves quickly if they're to have a chance of getting on council.

Mr McCarthy says Pacific communities need to try a fresh approach instead of aligning themselves with political parties.

"IN I think this is an ideal and a unique opportunity for the Pacific People to put forward the people that they know are going to do good for pacific people and pacific issues. Party politics as I said muddle things up too much from where I've seen things unfold time and time again. It has it's place but not for this particular beast."

Bruce McCarthy.

Most of the Pacific candidates who've stood in local body and general elections in recent years, have campaigned under the Labour Party flag.