7 Jun 2010

Up to 500 American Samoans ready to work in Guam

10:16 am on 7 June 2010

American Samoa politician, Aumua Amata Coleman, says a recruitment company is estimating up to 500 local workers are ready to go to Guam to help prepare for the military build up.

Since Samoa Packing announced last May that it was closing, Amata has been working to line up local workers for the 10,000 jobs that would be created by building for the military expansion.

Some 1,000 people have submitted their applications.

Amata said things should start to speed up now that seven companies have been selected to participate in the bidding for the military projects on Guam.

"..and according to the people that I've been working with, they estimate that 400 to 500 American Samoa workers would be ready to come to Guam at that time according to thier skill level profile as well as the job application forms that I've sent up to them. The rest of the people will have to be retrained."