3 Jun 2010

Fiji authorities seek divine intervention over termites

12:20 pm on 3 June 2010

The authorites in Fiji's second biggest city are calling on God to quash an infestation of termites.

The infestation by a sub-species of termite found in Australia and Asia but new to Fiji has spread to about 560 houses and 16 schools in the outer areas of Lautoka.

The Western Division Commissioner Joeli Cawaki says an Australian consultant helping the taskforce has organised the shipment to Lautoka of a chemical used on termites in Brisbane.

He says the taskforce is seeking funding of almost two and a half million US dollars from the interim government to buy the chemical but divine intervention is also being sought.

"This Saturday there will be a church service for the whole of Lautoka, inter-denomination church service specially for the termite operation that is going on. We are now seeking divine intervention to be able to assist us in fighting these termites. Fiji is a Christian country but we go back to our beliefs to be able to assist us in trying times like this."

Fiji's Western Division Commissioner Joeli Cawaki.