2 Jun 2010

New Caledonian politician pushes for talks on territory's political future

8:32 pm on 2 June 2010

A leading New Caledonian anti-independence politician, Pierre Frogier, says talks should be opened on the territory's political future in line with suggestions put forward by Paris.

Mr Frogier made the comment on return from France where he met the President, Nicolas Sarkozy, who reportedly expressed support for some of his suggestions.

He says the President considered it to be a brilliant idea to create a New Caledonian flag by placing the Kanak emblems on either side of the French flag.

Mr Frogier added that he was against a third and new flag because a New Caledonian flag could lead to independence which he opposes.

He has also been urging for a vote on independence as soon as possible after the 2014 deadline set out by the Noumea Accord.

On Friday, the French overseas territories minister, Marie-Luce Penchard, is due in Noumea for talks with political leaders ahead of further discussions on the Noumea Accord due in Paris at the end of the month.