1 Jun 2010

Call for French Polynesia independence referendum

11:11 am on 1 June 2010

French Polynesia's pro-independence leader, Oscar Temaru, says it is urgent that a referendum on the territory's independence be held.

Mr Temaru, who is the president of the assembly, made the call after meeting the special French envoy canvassing views on a plan by Paris to change the electoral system ahead of possible early general elections next year.

He says there has been political instability since 2004 when changes began to be imposed.

Mr Temaru has told RFO Radio that a democratic tenet is that the people should be allowed to decide.

He pointed to the 1958 vote when Mr Temaru says the pro-independence leader Pouvana a Oopa lacked the means to make his case.

France removed French Polynesia from the UN list of territories to be decolonised and there is no provision for the time being for such a referendum to go ahead.