31 May 2010

ADB partners with the private sector on HIV prevention in rural PNG

3:18 pm on 31 May 2010

The Asian Development Bank is helping the Papua New Guinea Government work with resource and agriculture companies to control the spread of HIV, malaria and other infectious diseases in rural areas.

Six big companies have joined with ADB and the National Department of Health to deliver primary health care services to thousands of people in remote communities.

The companies have used the Bank's financial and technical support to renovate and rebuild 61 rural health facilities so far, with more than 30 additional renovations planned.

The partnership, known as the Rural Development Enclaves Project, also provides equipment and drugs to remote facilities, trains health workers, and organizes sexual health education workshops.

Charles Andrews, the PNG country director for the ADB, says it's proving to be a winning combination that enables socially responsible businesses to help where the government otherwise struggles to deliver primary health care.