28 May 2010

Jail term for Tongan woman over British permit fraud

12:39 pm on 28 May 2010

A Tongan woman has been sent to prison for eight months for immigration fraud in Britain.

Loloahi Tapui had worked as a housekeeper and cleaner for a senior British government minister.

Ben Lowings reports from London.

"Tapui had lied to her employer, Baroness Scotland. The Tongan, who's 27, came to Britain on a student visa. But Tapui overstayed by four years, and got a fake visa stamped in her passport. The-then Attorney General, Baroness Scotland, falsely believed that Tapui had permission to work in the UK. Tapui was given a four month jail sentence for fraud, and four months for possession of a false identity stamp. She was also ordered to pay 2,300 [US] dollars in costs. The case generated widespread media attention in Britain. This was because as Attorney-General, Baroness Scotland, had helped to draft the laws designed to stop illegal immigrants from finding work."