28 May 2010

Fiji's Commerce Commission investigates proposal on reactivating fuel surcharge

10:19 am on 28 May 2010

Fiji's Commerce Commission is expected to complete its investigations on the proposal made by Fiji Electricity Authority to reactivate the fuel surcharge of 6.51 Fiji cents per unit.

Fiji village online says the surcharge was scrapped in March last year.

The Commission Chairman, Dr Mahendra Reddy, said touring the Dam is a very important aspect of their investigations and they would also like the public to know about the process.

Dr Reddy went to the Monasavu Dam yesterday to assess the water level where the Authority Chief Executive, Hasmukh Patel, had said the water level at the Monasavu Dam is low and is close to the critical level of 715 metres.

Mr Patel added the Authority had been running on a loss of more than one million US dollars for the past four months.