27 May 2010

Unemployed workers from Samoa should return says American Samoan agency

8:46 am on 27 May 2010

A community agency in American Samoa says last year's cannery shutdown is still impacting on many families originally from neighbouring Samoa, and they should consider going home.

Catholic Service's director, Cecilia Solofa, says they've been inundated with calls for help from many people who lost their jobs when the Samoa Packing cannery closed last September.

She says news another 800 cannery workers face job cuts at the rival Star Kist cannery will increase demand for their services and food parcels.

She says unemployed workers from Samoa should consider returning home now.

"A lot of them now with no resources at all, cant afford to live here, no shelter, no money to pay for medical costs, for food, and that I really personally would continue to encourage them that its time to pack up and go back to Samoa where they have families and loved ones, they'll get to eat, they'll have a roof over their head, their education there is perfect and there's no future for them over here anymore."

Cecilia Solofa, the director of Catholic Services in American Samoa.