27 May 2010

Vanuatu health official says his country will benefit from WHO programme

8:58 am on 27 May 2010

A health official from Vanuatu says his country is set to benefit from participating in a World Health Organisation programme on the importance of collecting and publishing health data.

Jameson Moroke is attending a three-day conference on national health accounts in Nadi, organised by the WHO and the Asian Development Bank.

He says Vanuatu has a problem with diabetes, cancer and breast cancer and the country needs to invest more money into those areas.

The finance manager for the Minister of Health, Mr Moroke says Vanuatu produced its first health estimates in 2007.

He says the accounts are helping Vanuatu prioritise its health agenda - and encouraging the government to spend more on health.

"We need a reliable data about the function and performance of the Vanuatu health care system. It is clear and beyond any doubt that Vanuatu is a low care spender."

Jameson Moroke, a health official from Vanuatu.