24 May 2010

US FAA calls for dedication from Marshall Islands to maintain airport

7:01 pm on 24 May 2010

The United States hopes the Marshall Islands Government maintains the new facilities it's helped build at Amata Kabua International Airport.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, has provided around 13 million US dollars towards improving the airport, which is an important refuelling stop for planes crossing the Pacific.

Embassy official Eric Watnik says the upgrade's been underway for at least six years, and has included work to repave the runway, upgrade lighting, the purchase of a new fire truck and the training of staff.

"Well it's an ongoing effort between our two countries, and there's always more to do but really what we are hoping for right now is for the Marshall Islands will show their dedication to the building through regular maintenance of the building, and regular training of their operators in association with us so that these facilities will continue to be as useful as they are now."

An official at the U.S. Embassy in the Marshall Islands, Eric Watnik.