21 May 2010

Fiji self-censorship accompanies clampdown, says FBC

4:24 pm on 21 May 2010

The news director of Fiji's government-owned broadcaster says after a year of the public emergency regulations, the country's media largely censors itself.

The media is still operating with censors in newsrooms, although a media decree is expected to be in place soon.

The news director for the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, Stanley Simpson, says the people who oppose the interim government cannot be heard.

"We can not interview them, or we can not use their comments, as the Government has said it has a plan for the country and wants no disturbance to that. That's the law, as it is now and we follow that. We try to be accurate, we try to be fair, but there is no balance at the moment. When it comes to politics, government issues, we are running what the Government is putting out."

Stanley Simpson says hopes the media decree can create an environment conducive to responsible reporting, not one that punishes journalists.