21 May 2010

PINA keen to help Fiji's interim understand role of media

8:10 am on 21 May 2010

The region news organisation, PINA, says it would like to help train members of the interim government in Fiji on understanding the role of the media.

The President of PINA, Moses Stevens, said similar work needed to be done with governments around the pacific.

He has held discussions in Suva with the acting Permanent Secretary of Information, Sharon Johns, over the proposed media decree and the current censorship of the media.

Mr Stevens said he received assurances that changes were being made to the decree in areas such as the proposed penalties for for journalists deemed to have breeched the legislation.

He said it was important dialogue with the government was kept open:

"If we had a closed door between us and the government then we would be left out of the process and I think that door should be open, the government must understand where we are coming from and we will understand them and maybe we will work together at getting the people ready for 2014."

The President of PINA, Moses Stevens.