20 May 2010

No sign yet of Fiji Media Decree

6:46 pm on 20 May 2010

There is still no indication when Fiji's Media Decree will be finalised.

Consultations took place last month and a number of submissions have been made.

The interim regime says the consultation is to ensure accurate and balanced reporting.

But the draft decree has been described as draconian over its provision to be able to jail journalists for up to five years.

The interim Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, says the decree will be released as soon as practicable:

"There'll be some changes to the draft just like we've said right from day one. There was a lot of hysteria whipped up in New Zealand and Australia and a couple of other places, primarily in those two countries, about well you know this is the end of media freedom etc."

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum confirmed the Public Emergency Regulations will be lifted once the Media Decree is in place.