20 May 2010

American Samoa businesses told to operate smarter after latest cannery loss

10:29 am on 20 May 2010

American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce chairman says the loss of up to 800 jobs at Starkist will have a huge impact on everyone directly associated with the industry, especially those who will lose employment.

But Joey Cummings says he is pleased to see the business savy of Starkist in their decision to reduce staff rather than close shop entirely.

Mr Cummings believes the cannery's decision has been greatly hastened by the federal minimum wage laws combined with global market factors.

He said the chamber hopes lawmakers will continue to fight for a better system of determining local wages.

In the meantime he recommends that businesses prepare to stack the cards in their favor.

Mr Cummings said in the past two years, the Chamber has encouraged it's membership to run their businesses smartly with plans for a depressed economy.

He says this same advice goes for everyone else.