17 May 2010

Water supply restored for victims of 2007 tsunami in Solomons

3:04 pm on 17 May 2010

A water supply is being restored to around 60 communities in Solomon Islands whose residents have had to walk long distances to fetch water since an earthquake and tsunami in 2007.

The aid agency, Save the Children, is completing a project to help install more than 60 water tanks, repair pipes, reconstruct reservoirs, and build dams in Choiseul province.

The project, along with earlier work to help rebuild homes, has been funded with one million US dollars from AUSAID.

The project's manager, Joe Haga, says it's been difficult for eight to ten thousand people living in the communities where water supply systems were destroyed by the tsunami.

"Following this the communities need to walk long distances into the bush to fetch water using buckets, and this is where its risky particularly for women and children it become a little bit more difficult having access to clean drinking water so that's where this project came in."

Jo Haga says reconstruction work has been slowed by irregular shipping in the area.