17 May 2010

Fitial to put CNMI case to Washington

10:04 am on 17 May 2010

The governor of the Northern Marianas, Benigno Fitial, has left for Washington to personally deliver what his administration terms as a unified position on immigration.

The Fitial administration, as well as the CNMI House of Representatives and Senate, say they don't support the U.S. Department of the Interior's report and recommendation on improved status for long-term foreign workers.

The CNMI leaders say the US department did not consult the CNMI government before submitting the report and recommendation to Congress.

Mr Fitial will be one of those testifying at this week's Congressional oversight hearing on the implementation of the new federalisation laws.

Meanwhile, two separate petitions on immigration are now circulating in the community and online.

One is supporting while the other one is opposing the US recommendation.

The CNMI Senate and House of Representatives adopted a joint resolution opposing the report.

Non-resident workers and their supporters, meanwhile, are also circulating a petition but supporting the report.