12 May 2010

Polling stations in Bougainville report a low voter turn-out

8:16 am on 12 May 2010

Polling stations in Bougainville have reported low voter turn-out in the first few days of the general elections in the autonomous Papua New Guinea province.

Polling for 44 seats, including the job of president, will be held until May 21 with a president expected to be announced in early June.

The Post Courier journalist, Gorethy Kenneth, says the only reported polling mishaps stem from frustration that many voters were turned away because their name was not on the common roll.

She also says that there is speculation ten ballot boxes from Buka have been tampered with.

"Immediately after polling commenced on the 7th, there were allegations that these ballot boxes suddenly got filled with papers and disappeared from the police station."

Gorethy Kenneth reporting from Arawa.