12 May 2010

CNMI's House of Representatives reject US report on foreign workers

8:14 am on 12 May 2010

In the Northern Marianas, the House of Representatives has adopted a joint resolution "strongly opposing" a US Department of Interior report on foreign workers.

The 17-0 vote rejected the report that proposes long-term federal immigration status for foreign workers who have been legally residing in the CNMI for at least five years.

The options include granting long-term foreign workers permanent residency status, U.S. citizenship or a status similar to those granted to citizens of the Freely Associated States.

But House lawmakers yesterday expressed their concerns about the 20-page Interior report, which they described as "erroneous," "incomplete," and "done without consultation" with the CNMI government.

House members said granting permanent residency or U.S. citizenship to long-term foreign workers and their families will lead to a foreign "takeover" of the indigenous population-from jobs to political power and even land ownership