11 May 2010

Cooks police drop trespass charges against local reporter

1:06 pm on 11 May 2010

A lack of evidence has prompted the police in the Cook Islands to drop trespass charges against a local journalist, Helen Greig.

The Cook Islands News reporter had been trying to take photographs of a vehicle owned by the suspended head of the Cook Islands Investment Corporation, John Tini.

Ms Greig had maintained she was on a public road but Mr Tini filed a complaint with police.

However, the Police Commissioner, Maara Tetava, says there wasn't sufficient evidence to proceed with the charges.

"I just feel that is was the right thing to do. I wasn't prepared to proceed with prosecution action when the new evidence was revealed, as well as my review of the investigation that was done by police."

The Cook Islands Police Commissioner, Maara Tetava.