8 May 2010

Vanuatu govt receives petition calling for tougher punishments for murder

8:44 am on 8 May 2010

The organisers of a march in Vanuatu have presented a petition to the government calling for security in the capital to be strengthened and for the current law regarding punishment for murder to be modified.

The NGO, Women Against Crime, organised the march in Vanuatu's capital following the murder of a woman and her three-year old daughter in Port Vila last month.

A leader of the NGO, Jenny Ligo, said they want the Government to come up with a tougher law to punish criminals.

On receiving the petition, the acting minister of internal affairs, Paul Telukluk, said the government would do its best to bring those involved in the death of the mother and child to justice

He said the problem of security in Port Vila is everyone's concern.

Mr Telukluk also appealed to community leaders, chiefs and pastors to work together with the government to address the situation.