7 May 2010

Claims of breach of human rights in upcoming Samoa by-election

8:39 am on 7 May 2010

Several villages in the constituencies of Safata and Faleata west in Samoa have imposed a ban against candidates of the Tautua Samoa party ahead of next week's by-elections.

The former HRPP government minister and Tautua Samoa party candidate, Palusalue Faapo II, says some villages in his constituency have restricted voters to support only HRPP candidates and not him.

Palusalue has also accused the ruling party candidates of stopping rugby players from their villages to join the tournament because he is the current president of Safata rugby union.

He claims the move has blocked any meeting between him and the players who are voters and electors of his constituency.

Palusalue who joined the opposition because of the controversial road switch last year says the ban is a violation of human rights as well as free and fair election.

The other candidate, Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi, is also concerned of a ban imposed by two villages of his constituency of Faleata west where a former HRPP government minister who is a high ranking matai supported it.

But despite the threat of the bans before next Friday's by-elections the two rivals of the HRPP candidates are confident they will be re-elected. Ends