4 May 2010

Pacific countries urged to stage pretend disasters

5:18 pm on 4 May 2010

Pacific nations have been urged to stage mock disasters so the region can practise coordinating emergency response efforts.

An Australian doctor with military and civilian emergency medical response experience, Steven Cook, says Australian and New Zealand disaster relief groups should look at ways to better coordinate their efforts.

And he says the best way to improve is to practise.


IN:......We need to once a year pick a country in the Pacific and practise mounting a major medical and health response to a disaster which ruins health infrastructure. And I think once we start taking it seriously, like they do in Europe and the States, then that's when we can say we have a world class response to Asia-Pacific disasters. And that would be the goal which I think we need to work between the two countries towards acheiving.


Doctor Steven Cook says it is important for military and civilian emergency response teams to work together.