1 May 2010

NZ AID pleased with Mauke water project

9:15 am on 1 May 2010

New Zealand's aid agency in the Cook Islands is pleased with how the water sustainability project is progressing, despite a number of challenges.

The New Zealand government has given aid funding of $1.3 million US dollars with assistance from the Australia government for a water upgrade project to benefit the community on Mauke in the Cook Islands.

The aid agency NZAid's Cook Islands based programme manager Julie Affleck says project has fostered good partnerships in planning the infrastructure needed to ensure its sustainability by using solar power, but they've encountered difficulties with sourcing resources and enough local labour force.

But she says the new technology and renewable energy to provide safe drinking water for homes and businesses, with other pumps specifically put in for agriculture farmers, is on track to be ready mid year.

Julie Affleck says its a win-win solution for everyone on Mauke.

"The result is clean water into every home but there's also the perspective of allowing businesses to prosper. And so for instance the laundromat hasn't been able to function cos of an unreliable water supply. This will allow her to get back into business. And more importantly Mauke is a very fertile island and the agriculture pumps allow growers and farmers to access water that they need for their crops."