3 May 2010

Union demands resignation of French Polynesia assembly and government

5:29 am on 3 May 2010

A French Polynesian union has used a May Day march to give the government an ultimatum to quit in order to clear the way for early elections.

About 450 of its supporters had taken to the streets of Tahiti to protest against the political instability.

Walter Zweifel reports.

"The A Tia i Mua union says the situation is so dire that the current leaders all have to go within a month. And it has threatened to take unspecified action if the assembly members and the government refuse to resign. This comes amid a contracting economy that last week prompted the President Gaston Tong Sang to call for sharp cuts to public spending and to consider the sale of publicly owned companies, including Air Tahiti Nui. But France has time and again ruled out fresh elections before it has revised the electoral system which, under urgency, Paris has already changed three times since 2004."