29 Apr 2010

Nauru caretaker President disappointed to be back in stalemate

6:06 pm on 29 April 2010

Nauru's caretaker President says he's disappointed that last Saturday's general snap election has resulted in another stalemate.

The poll, which Marcus Stephen called a year early after repeated, unsuccessful Opposition bids to lodge a motion of no confidence in his government, returned all 18 members of parliament to their seats.

President Stephen says under standing orders a lack of nominations for the position of Speaker at Thursday's sitting of Parliament meant it had to be adjourned after only 20 minutes.

It was the second attempt since the poll to try and elect a speaker.

He says a new president can only be elected after a Speaker's been chosen, which'll be impossible until the 50/50 split of the MPs is resolved.

"I can give examples from the past where both sides did share the executive where we had three from their side being in the executive, being ministers and three from the other side."

Nauru's caretaker President, Marcus Stephen says as soon as parliament is functioning, he wants it to consider constitutional reforms to prevent future political deadlocks.