27 Apr 2010

Tongan women's group hopes to win majority of seats

1:41 pm on 27 April 2010

A new women's group in Tonga, Fakatou Hama, says it believes it can get at least ten women candidates elected to the Tonga Legislative Assembly.

Tonga goes to the polls on November the 25 under new electoral laws which increase the number of People's Representatives from nine to 17.

The MPs will be chosen from single seat electorates instead of the current multi member seats and one women's group has said this will make it harder for women to get elected.

But Fakatou Hama is confident and its secretary, Dr Ana Taufe'ulungaki, says it wants to provide moral and financial support to all women who choose to stand.

"So we've been working towards developing a vision and a mission and a work programme. And the whole idea is to try and support as many women as we can to run in the 2010 election. And also to continue to provide them with support if they are fortunate enough to go into the House."

Dr Ana Taufe'ulungaki says so far the group has attracted more than 50 members, mainly career women.