27 Apr 2010

Call to tidy up Solomons electoral lists

1:34 pm on 27 April 2010

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission is calling for community support to help rid its draft voters' list of discrepancies.

The list of voters for this year's general election has been distributed to most provinces and voters are being asked to check they are not registered twice and the list does not contain names of people who have died or moved away.

The Chief Electoral Officer, Polycarp Haununu, says the Commission alone cannot rid the list of problems.

"They have only ten days to check the list so we are asking them to quickly check the list and if there names are not on the list to quickly get their names back and also if names are not on the correct list then they should object."

Mr Haununu is expecting good support, especially as higher fines have been introduced for election related offences like voting twice.

He says the election is expected to be held sometime at the end of July or early August.