26 Apr 2010

Ombudsman Commission needs restructuring, say PNG workers' leader

7:49 pm on 26 April 2010

Papua New Guinea's Trades Union Congress says the structure of the country's Ombudsman Commission needs an overhaul.

This comes as the TUC calls for more thorough debate about proposed legislation which would dilute the powers of the Commission to scrutinise PNG's elected leadership so that it is unable to refer politicians to the Leadership Tribunal.

The TUC's general secretary John Paska says that any move to curb the ability of the Commission to investigate corruption within officialdom is of great concern.

However Mr Paska says that the TUC favours a dismantling of the present Commission structure and for an ombudsman to be established in each key sector.

He says most of the Commission's efforts are currently related to probing politicians.

"You begin to start questioning how much money you're putting into investigating leaders as against how much money and attention one should be putting to services that would address many of the problems that the vast majority of Papua New Guineans are facing today."

John Paska