26 Apr 2010

Pacific media fraternity urged to save PINA, Pacnews

10:58 am on 26 April 2010

A Pacific media consultant and former Solomon islands cabinet minister says the media fraternity needs to focus on preventing the regional Pacific Islands News Association from becoming irrelevant.

Alfred Sasako is one of a number of Pacific media figures to call for the relocation of the association's news service, Pacnews, from Fiji due to the restrictions on freedom of media .

A former journalist, Mr Sasako says that the association, known as PINA, is failing the Pacific media by not taking a strong stand against the restrictions Fiji's regime has placed on Pacnews and other outlets.

"It would be a sad day to see that body be given systematic doses of death as it were in what's happening there (Fiji) now. So all I've been suggesting is that look, is there any way that one of the other Pacific island countries can serve as an interim base for PINA until Fiji sorts itself out."