26 Apr 2010

Group to replicate voyage by Captain William Bligh

10:58 am on 26 April 2010

Starting on Wednesday, four men will attempt to recreate one of the most famous sea voyages in the Pacific, following the route taken by Captain William Bligh in 1789 in a small open boat, after he had been set adrift by his mutineering crew.

On April 28th in 1789 Captain Bligh and 18 crew departed Ha'apai in northern Tonga and covered over seven thousand kilometres as they made their way to the Dutch settlement in West Timor.

The mutineers, meanwhile, led by Fletcher Christian, took HMS Bounty back to Tahiti and eventually on to Pitcairn Island.

Australian Don McIntyre, who is leading the voyage, says with his boat, the Talisker Bounty, he aims to mimic what Bligh achieved.

"It comes right down even to the boat. Because there's only four of us we've chosen a boat that's less than half the size of Bligh's boat, so we're still low in the water and there's no use building a replica unless we had eighteen guys in it. Then we're only going to take the same things that Bligh had. So we have an octant, a couple of hundred years old octant, for navigation purposes, so we're only taking the same amount in weight of food and water, only 28 gallons."

Don McIntyre says the journey should take 48 days.