23 Apr 2010

Solomons minister says self-interest thwarted party bill

3:36 pm on 23 April 2010

A government minister in Solomon Islands says those who plotted to defeat a bill to bring about political stability may have acted out of self-interest.

The Prime Minister Derek Sikua has sacked five of his ministers after accusing them of either being deliberately absent during a vote on the Political Parties Amendment Bill, or conspiring to defeat it.

He's also removed some MPs he's accused of involvement in the plot from their chairmanship of state owned enterprise boards.

The Education Minister, Matthew Wale, says some people may have acted out of self-interest to hijack the bill, which aimed to strengthen political parties.

"There are still a number of people who would prefer a politically fluid environment. An environment where money can play a much greater influence and political parties will have very little influence, individuals become highly commodified on the floor of parliament."

Today is the final day of the current parliament, and Matthew Wale says he hopes the new government will take up the reform process.