23 Apr 2010

PNA to complement Forum Fisheries Agency

3:35 pm on 23 April 2010

The Forum Fisheries Agency Director General, Dan Sua, says the opening of the new fisheries headquarters in the Marshall Islands for the Parties to the Nauru Agreement nations is a sign of strength and not discord for improving tuna management in the region.

The FFA, based in Solomon Islands, represents 17 island member states, while the PNA represents eight FFA members, but the ones that control the ocean area where a majority of the three billion US dollar in tuna is caught each year.

Mr Sua says they will complement each other and avoid duplication.

He says the mandate for both FFA and the PNA is to recognise opportunities to put in place measures for the sustainability of tuna fisheries in the

region, adding if there is no fish, the countries cannot develop.