22 Apr 2010

Tahiti union sets ultimatum in election push

3:37 pm on 22 April 2010

A French Polynesian union has called for a May Day march to launch its ultimatum for the government to quit to clear the way for early elections.

The A Tia i Mua union has held a news conference to express its exasperation about the political and economic situation, saying the current leaders have to go.

Its general secretary, Jean-Marie Yan Tu, says on May the 1st letters will be delivered to President Gaston Tong Sang and the assembly president, Oscar Temaru, ordering them to quit within one month.

He says if they refuse to resign, the union may block the institutions to force a dissolution.

According to Tahitipresse, Mr Yan Tu says a letter will also be sent to Paris to ask if a blockade is necessary for the French government to organise fresh elections.

France has said it will revise the electoral system for a fourth time since 2004 before making any move.

The union warns that the situation may blow up as jobs keep being lost, with Tahiti losing almost 8,000 positions since August 2008.