22 Apr 2010

CNMI utility busy paying of debt

1:17 pm on 22 April 2010

The Commonwealth Utilities Corporation in the Northern Marianas is working with the Government on ways it can pay its outstanding bill of more than five million US dollars.

The CUC is threatening to disconnect the Public School System, Northern Marianas College, and the central government over the bill.

The CUC executive director, Tony Muna, says some money has started coming in.

"The concerns are, the reasons why we are making that statement, is because whatever payments may be made in the next few weeks will probably bring central government and the college and the public school system basically current. But the challenges are not only that, but happens in addressing the March bill, the April bill, the May bill, the June bill, the July bill, so it's about also going forward to find revenues to address those obligations."


The Commonwealth Utilities Corporation executive director, Tony Muna.