21 Apr 2010

PNG NGO aims to give ordinary people a voice in country's future

9:39 am on 21 April 2010

A Papua New Guinea NGO is aiming to use the internet to mobilise people over the problems facing PNG society.

The newly launched Act Now is aiming to give the ordinary people a voice in the country's future.

Spokesperson Effrey Dademo says through interactive sites, they intend raising awareness about violence against women, the rundown physical and social infrastructure and the inept management of resource projects.

She says at the heart of these problems is corruption and Act Now wants to educate the people so they use their votes to bring about change.

"Look the power's with you. Whatever problems we have is the result of the personal action that we've taken. So we need to educate ourselves in the way that when I am choosing a leader, the choice is with me and I must know that I must choose a person that will actually help me and not work to my disadvantage."