21 Apr 2010

Hawaiian Airlines supports legislation limiting practice of speculation in oil markets

9:41 am on 21 April 2010

Hawaiian Airlines says it's applauding new United States federal legislation, limiting the practice of speculation in oil markets, which has contributed to higher oil prices in recent years.

The legislation was proposed by the United State Congress today.

The Wall Street Transparency and Accountability Act of 2010 would close loopholes in trading laws that allow speculators to buy and sell oil futures like securities, without the same amount of oversight and regulation.

The president and chief executive officer of Hawaiian Airlines, Mark Dunkerley, says speculation in oil futures has caused enormous damage to the airline industry and the US economy broadly by artificially driving up fuel prices.

Mr Dunkerley says the airline applauds the reform bill, which would curtail this practice that allows speculators to profit at the expense of consumers.