19 Apr 2010

More calls for early elections in French Polynesia to end political instability

10:45 am on 19 April 2010

There have been more calls in French Polynesia for early elections to end the territory's political instability.

A small demonstration by the minor Porinetia Ora Party in Papeete's streets was accompanied by a call by another small party, the No Oe e te Nunaa Party, for Paris to end what it says is a political circus.

The leader of No Oe e te Nunaa, Nicole Bouteau, says neither civil society nor the general public can take any more of what the politicians are up to, describing the latest political changes as part of a descent to hell.

Asking for an urgent dissolution of the assembly, she has written to the French overseas territories minister, Marie-Luce Penchard, to say the territory's disastrous economic situation is to a large extent due to the actions of the elected politicians.

Just over a week ago, the ruling coalition's candidate for the assembly president's post secured less than a quarter of the votes, allowing the opposition's Oscar Temaru to win the race.

France, which has changed the electoral system three times since 2004, has said it will work towards a new system, but has in general ignored Tahiti's input in recent years.