19 Apr 2010

Pacific nations urged to fight invasive species to off set impacts of climate change

8:44 am on 19 April 2010

Pacific Island countries management of invasive species is said to be one of the actions that can help towards mitigating climate change.

This was a key point at a workshop held in New Zealand to combat invasive species on islands and preserve biodiversity and adapt to climate change.

The chair of the workshop, Spencer Thomas, from the Caribbean island of Grenada says the links are very clear that climate change can exacerbate the loss of biodiversity.

"The link is with good management of invasive species, that will enable us to have very healthy eco-systems. And these eco-systems are necessary and important for climate change mitigation and adaptation."

Spencer Thomas says biodiversity provides the eco-based services that are necessary to sustain life, so if you affect bio-diversity you affect the foundations of life.